da bossIDET NSIKAK has given more than a 100 talks and seminars  for startups, and corporate organisations in Nigeria, with keen interest in  working and engaging clients across the globe,

IDET NSIKAK business training,seminars and speaking engagement are informative, enjoyable and entertaining. he has a wonderful ability to customize each talk for his audience. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

feel free to engage his skilled competence in the following subject area of

He teaches, trains and educate progressive firms on the need for management, marketing and use of new media. He has a conviction that any business without marketing is on a suicide mission, because marketing is ‘MARK GETTING”  a personal definition which simply means setting a mark to get the desired patronage and result, it’s so important that you market your ideas, passion and skills in order to reach the desired height of success and significance
for marketing i promise to initiate your sales or marketing team into the tips,treats,tactics and tricks of marketing in a hostile and docile environment, as well as marketing through soft communication media platforms, and most importantly expose your team to the current trends and relevant technology tools  for marketing your business.
mgtEvery successful organisation must have a good management because everything rises and falls or management. i worked into a five star hotel in 2013 and observed that some bulbs in the lobby lighting were not working and i also noticed that the lawns were not properly mowed and i concluded that there must be something wrong with the management of this hotel and if nothing is done, it could affect the smooth future operations and patronage of the business. the process of discovery, developing and deploying employees to implements a strategy for the corporate success of any organisation is very important.
therefor for management, we use relevant business techniques to teach,tame and train employees to remain focused on the designated objective of the company and ensure that they achieve the desired results through evaluation of their performance
The communication management of both the  internal and external image of an organisation helps to create perception which in turn determines patronage. therefore , the use of various media platform in brand communication is key. when you engage our service to train your media team, one thing is sure , we expose your team to digital marketing, brand communication, website development and offline media tools (flyers,billboards, roll up stand, trade fairs and exhibition) for sustainable communication.
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