da bossDiscovered by street economics and survival instincts in Warri, Delta state, tutored and polished in business craft by ADPED (Africa-diaspora Partnership for Economic Development) in Miami, Florida. USA.
Nsikak Austin Idet is a social entrepreneur, business coach and one of the sort after business development executive in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, CEO of NEWBREED EDUTAINMENT and principal consultant www.ideytravel.com and working as a resource partner with over 50 entrepreneurs

His philosophy: THINK BIG… start small…GROW FAST fuels his passion for people development.

A graduate of counseling psychology from the University of Port Harcourt Nigeria, Entrepreneurship and community development in Barry University, Miami, Florida. USA and professional training with Score Chicago a resource partner with the US Small Business Administration that uses relevant updated tools and technology for capacity building and Business diagnostics services

He works indefatigably by having unconditional positive regard for clients through listening, observation and strive to proffer relevant updated solutions.

He acts with integrity and fairness at all times and provide the best unmatched results for all round satisfaction with expertise in the use of current trends and technological resource in marketing, management and media processes.

    • working with over 50 registered organization successfully and consulting till date
    • Professional service with no jargon
    • Fixed agreed fees with no hidden extra charges

IDET NSIKAK offers with professionalism the following listed services:

  • Corporate Image and Brand communication consulting.
  • Business Diagnostic Services:
  • Identifying Poor Business Practices
  • Software TrainingWith over 13 software packages we can provide training to your employees that offers a structured sales process for maximum results.
  • Stress Management WorkshopsEnables you and your employees to manage challenging work situations effectively, whilst dramatically reducing stress through the use of proven
  • Training Workshops Our expert trainers provide a wide range of short courses and training programmes, designed to help your business develop and your staff enhance their skills.


IDET NSIKAK is very passionate about meeting the needs of People, and that informs his world view of success and failure.  He believes as social beings we need each other to survive and fulfill the purpose of our existence. His passion for the educational sector fuels is cravings for people development. one of his favorite
definition of EDUCATION says that “Education is the PROCESS  of transferring knowledge, skills, ideas, norms, values and feelings from one generation

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