I was having allergic reactions and I went to see my doctor who gave me a prescription that I barely understood. One of the nurses brought the pills and the bills,  and it was a whopping $100. I paid and left.  After a few days I was relieved of the allergies. However, some months later, I traveled for a training and experienced the same allergic reactions,  far away from my doctor, I opted to walk into a pharmacy and request for the previous doctors prescription over the counter.

I was stunned when the pills and the bills showed up and it was $2.50, I paused and thought for a minute that it must have been a fake drug. I reached out to my bag for the empty pack of the previous prescription and it was the same.

I paid and walked off, few minutes after taking the pills I was relieved of the allergies. Then it dawned on me that the doctor must have taken advantage of my ignorance.

If I had known the pills to take I most likely would have not paid the bills of the doctor. Then I realized that knowledge is powerful when applied especially in your area of strength. Secondly,  I learned that ignorance is an economic tool.

In recent times I have been enamored at the streams of knowledge that flows from the minds of young people in Africa on a plethora of social media platforms.

I wake up every day to feed my mind with enriching thoughts that confirms my assertion that Africa is the next big thing to be unveiled to the world.

From talent exhibitions, capacity building, passion to portfolio and the rendezvous of ideologies that inspire, motivate and enlighten,  I am confident that there is hope for our continent.

Consequently, it’s important to note that if we must collectively achieve the aforementioned, the quest for relevant updated knowledge is key.

The quality of human resources for sustainable impact and succession planning which is lacking in enterprise development in Africa is largely controlled by the lack or adequate continuous training and improvement on the level of knowledge and skills that is related to innovative activities.

While some young entrepreneurs who perceive of themselves as authorities in their crafts hoard knowledge with the goal of taking advantage of the ignorant subjects and hibernate over their overestimated skills and assets,  others have developed systems and structures to recycle their skilled competence by pouring hot knowledge on cold minds who are willing to be warmed up by current realities in innovation that  influences cash flow and socio-economic development.

Entrepreneurship for social economic development will reshape the trajectory of Africa when there is sustainable increased in providing entrepreneurs  with training to expand technical, knowledge and skill.

For example, highly trained group of entrepreneurs will be better placed in the development, adaptation, and implementation of new technologies that influences trade and investment in Africa unlike the untrained.

Interestingly, in many sub-Saharan African countries, the traditional apprenticeship as practiced mostly in eastern Nigeria  provides entrepreneurial and technical skills. However, such an approach provides entrepreneurs with limited capacity to undertake innovation activities.

Nevertheless,  the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs who have obtained university education, worked for international organisation, developed their crafts  and travel overseas regularly, who engage in transferring knowledge to appease the appetite of voracious startups like I have witnessed in recent times,  is reassuring  that entrepreneurship development have the capacity to influence social change and undertake innovation activity the will reshape the continent.

Therefore , it would be reasonable to suggest that if you are gifted, endowed with knowledge and have access to information that can positively impact on the life of your neighbors, friends and foes,  please do not hoard, deprive or starve a hungry soul who you can leverage on to make significant impact.

Believe me when I say that I know about the craving to monetize your skilled competence and capacity but a little seed sown into the heart of a fertile soul can change our communities.

The knowledge you have has got limitations and whatever you think you know someone gave it to you or exposed you to it,  So why hide your talent or be stingy about sharing with others.

If we must collectively influence the frontiers and change the narrative of the African continent, we must share knowledge.

Before the year runs out make sure you have impacted a soul with your knowledge and also ensure that you learn from others by increasing in knowledge..

Don’t die with what you know and don’t live in ignorance.


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