Are you an entrepreneur?

Everyone is different, but entrepreneurs also have many over-lapping qualities as well. Only certain characteristics could bring a person to make as crazy of a decision as to become an entrepreneur. Below are 10 symptoms that you have been infected with the entrepreneurial virus, or your in the process of been infected

10. Wishing

You always wish you had another source of income dedicated for your trips to anywhere in the world.and some times which the world at your beck and call.

9. Sanity

from time to time,You have momentary lapses. You feel discomfort when things are going wrong and you always know that there is a better way of doing things to put some sort of order to the way things should be.

8. Offices

You have an office every where you go and you are willing to work and make things happen from anywhere…

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President Donald J. Trump Proclaims November 2017 as National Entrepreneurship Month

 National Entrepreneurship Month celebrates one of our Nation's proudest qualities: our innovative, hardworking, entrepreneurial spirit. American entrepreneurs invent and sell fascinating and endlessly useful new products and services, creating millions of jobs and driving American global leadership along the way. This month, we emphasize the importance of creating and maintaining an economic and regulatory environment …


I was having allergic reactions and I went to see my doctor who gave me a prescription that I barely understood. One of the nurses brought the pills and the bills,  and it was a whopping $100. I paid and left.  After a few days I was relieved of the allergies. However, some months later, …

6 Fears of the African Leadpreneurs (Leaders+Entrepreneurs) + How We Can Overcome Them.

BY; SHINA OSHODI Leadpreneurship anywhere in the world is unpredictable, because: There is no guarantee the risks you take will pay off. And it is pretty much more difficult here in Africa, because of lack of technology, finance, enabling infrastructures and more importantly Fear!   But if we allow fear to prevent us  from pursuing our …