thinking businessmanI was the last customer in the barbers shop. I had waited for four customers to have their haircut, now it’s my turn and as I sat down awaiting the fresh look that will make me appear stunning for the week impressing my onlookers.

After all, popular opinion says Dress the way you want to be addressed.

He must have been very tired,  standing up all day to give haircut to everyone who walks through his door.

He quickly smooched away my sensitive hair with his clippers and defaced my look,  as I observed what he was doing in the mirror. I called his attention.

Bros, you have changed my hair style, that’s not how I want the haircut.

He flared up, saying,

I’m doing you a favor giving you the latest style.

Hmmm, but that’s not what I want,

He threatened that he wasn’t barbing again. Mid way into his supposed new style.  It was hot and tough between us.

After that day I took a decision that irrespective of how skilled he was, I will never patronize him again.

The emotional state of your business reflects how healthy, viable and smart she is.

The vibes that exudes from your service delivery always flirts it’s way to the wallet of clients.

Like the ray of the sun kisses the earth after rainfall, so is a positive vibe that flows from quality service delivery and the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that your client feels.

They walk away knowing that they walked into your restaurant hungry and walked out feeling well fed,

They strolled into your saloon looking unkempt and strolled out feeling fly and stunning.

That vibe that shows you’re the best person for the job speaks louder than your balance sheet.

Believe me when I tell you that sometimes providing services for a diverse group of people sucks,

However for the sake of the money you have to oftentimes mop up the hurt and display a smile.

Who says customer service is easy?  It’s really annoying sometimes, especially when folks beneath your social class pours hot cup of insult on you just because popular assertion says customer is king.

It is well my fellow entrepreneurs.

But no matter what happens to you in the line of duty always keep the  positive vibe flowing. It could determine the demise of your brand or the survival.

Keep pushing, keep on smiling because a little smile will take you an extra mile.

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