Nobody wants to wake up, walk into pain and regret or pray for disaster to happen because we all hope for the best.


from sunrise till sunset, the hawkers, cobblers, and ice-cream  vendor hope for patronage and find none on the streets.

our economy is on life support ,political class operate in self denial nursing a cancer that needs chemotherapy,

Governments in Africa are getting crushed by debt, and are resorting to financial controls ,manipulations and other restrictions to “fix the economy”…

And it’s all getting worse at an exponential rate.

fear of the unknown grips the heart of the weak, hunger hugs on like a blanket in winter.

However, let’s be clear – and tell ourselves the truth, even though i am not a prophet of boom or doom, we must look into the mirror and face our fears, confront the enemy within and be sincere to ourselves.

white and blue collared jobs have failed, job security is an illusion and the prophesy of politics to change our well been a catastrophe.

However, i still believe,

That there is hope for the African,

no tunnels to see lights at the end off but the sun will rise again.

i believe in the emergence of NEW BREED of entrepreneurs whose crafts will change the recipes of baked failure that has been served the continent in the last decade.

i believe, that our continent will rise from the ashes of neglect and lustre into significance becoming the envy of the world.

i believe that your dreams will not die, if you dont quit


even though your money is acting funny and your business is  going through a difficult moment.

Don’t give up. keep trying new things.

A little here and a little there and you will soon blossom.

seek solution, stop at nothing and nothing will stop you.

talk to me if you must,

i am NSIKAKAFRICA and i Believe that this pain will go away,



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