download (1)Nobody start a business simply because he or she wants to occupy space and entertain people. Even the entertainment business is about the numbers, impact and cash at bank. A sale is the goal of every business venture and it’s the most important determinant of progress with every business venture. It encapsulates all the efforts, activity and work done to move an abstract idea to a tangible product or experience.

In any business organization, sales are the department that generates revenue. No matter how good your manufacturing operation is, how cutting-edge your technology is, how tight your financial goals are or how progressive and forward-thinking your management techniques are, you must still have a sales mechanism in place, or everything else is useless.

The sales effort is the effort that actually collects the money or enforces the obligation to buy, in the case of a purchase order or financed arrangement. The marketing effort creates favorable conditions for the sale to take place. In a nutshell, the marketer leads the horse to water; the sales team makes it drink.

it is true that a lot of products are truly bought on impulse, i remember several times i walk into a supermarket with the intent of buying just one single item but end up walking out with a shopping bags, Am not the only victim here, if you must be truthful to yourself every once in a while it happens to you. This only happens because there is a strategic sales approach to displaying goods on the shelves in a supermarket.

Every pack of juice on a shelf is there because its wholesaler built a relationship with the store manager with the sole intent to sell. Don’t blame them rather see to how you can develop a sales strategy that will help your business grow.

Oftentimes, training of your sales team become absolutely necessary. Therefore to get the most out of the sales effort, the sales team needs adequate training and support from the marketing team to facilitate follow-up contacts, mailings and account service. If the support is not there, turnover will not increase.

Sales are so important but many companies under-invest in their sales effort and see a call for training of the sales team as an irrelevant effort. In the times that we live in, treating sales like an afterthought, to be handled after the managers solve all the manufacturing, distribution and financing issues is nothing but suicide in motion.

You don’t speak in tongues and close a deal, you sell to close a deal. The best sales forces are a team professionals with adequate training, in other words, you don’t engage your sales effort in isolation. If you need help with relevant tools, tactics, techniques and technology for building a  thriving sales team, look no further we are here to help. Contact me nowcropped-every-business.jpg


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