DRESS TO KILL OR WIN? 7tips that Helps!

fanala-summer-dress-style-women-dress-spaghetti-strap-package-pencil-bodycon-solid-sexy-mini-party-dresses.jpgshe really looks fly in her hot red gown,like a pro from the red light district of Port Harcourt, her six inch heels beckons for attention as she sashayed through the walkway heading to the elevator as though she is the managing board director.
Good morning sire, a warm greeting with a flirtatious smile.
Please have a seat Mr Ibinabo responded, a bit confused and turned on by the cleavage staring at him this monday morning.
he managed to comport himself and asked; are you here for the interview?
yes sir, in a girly expression and waved her hairs off her face to the back of her neck.
please fill this form and wait for the interview in the lobby, Mr ibinabo requested.
she continues to make passes at him and flirt continuously to be interviewed by Mr ibinabo.
she waited endlessly and watched other applicants walk in for the interview and exited with  smiles of hope on their faces. finally, she was called, and she went in to be interviewed by Mrs Walter Briggs, a stern looking, no smiling and extremely serious Harvard graduate who takes pleasure in scrutinizing the affairs of staff.
Are you sure you are here for the job? Mrs Walter asked, yes ma, she replied, trying to project a serious corporate tone.
i dont think so, please try somewhere else, have a nice day.
Tracy Benson with her second class  degree from a prestigious university, missed her shot at a promising career in a upwardly mobile oil servicing company.
like Tracy, avast majority of prospects with beauty and brains loose opportunity for engagement on a daily bases by flaunting only their well tutored skills in the fine art of feminism
”Dress the way you want to be Addressed”
the laws of dressing are pretty simple; Don’t wear a bikini to the office and don’t wear a suit to the beach or swimming pool” .
Dressing right for work might be very important and can get you way ahead in your career. In our world people are used to formulate their opinion of someone based on the appearance. The way we dress says a lot about our personality, character and status.
Although dressing well can cost a lot it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a whole new wardrobe. But you definitely should buy yourself a couple of new things and here is why:


Believe me when i say first impression still matters, you might have heard this lines before and it still hold true even in the 21st century.People form their opinion of you the first time they see you and depending on what you are wearing this opinion can be positive as well as negative. Your look can be the only thing person remembers. And if it is a job interview you are going to your appearance can whether help you in getting a job or take all your chances away. Everybody, including employers, form their judgment in the first seconds of a meeting. If you want to receive more of good attention you might want to be dressed properly.


When you look good – you feel good. And when you realize you look great – you feel more confident. It’s that easy! You can’t feel amazing about yourself and think that you can take over the world when you wear your PJ’s, right? So if you ever feeling blue – suit up and everything will change in a moment.


   Did you know dressing good can increase your productivity? If you want to feel more focused and motivated you might want to dress up! Seriously, researches has shown that wearing formal business clothes people feel more trustworthy, competent and authoritative. Remember the advice that it’s better to dress for the job you want than the job you have? I guess it’s time to use it.


Dressing above your status leads to a better treatment. People assume who you are depending on what you wear. So if you want to be treated like somebody – you should dress like somebody, not nobody.


Let’s be honest: when you meet somebody, he or she will firstly look at your appearance. And the easiest way to become more attractive. Also, clothes will help you out if you want top stand out. When you dress sharp it makes difference between you and your co-workers, so you should always be the best dressed person in the room


When you wear good formal suit it makes you feel more powerful. According to the researches by California State University it also helps you to think more abstractly and creatively. The clothes we wear can effect our way of thinking. And when you think like a leader – you act like a leader.


A nice outfit can cost some money. But you need to think about it as an investment. That is because spending a sum of money on a good suit can bring you more money. When you’re dressed expensive people think of you as a person whose services cost more. And they are ready to pay more for it. atleast that what i think, its better than sagging your pants to work isnt it.
do have a lovely week ahead and always dress right.

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