Dealing with Depression

images (2)Depression  is a state of self punishment for poor achievement or performance, it is a dark and lonely place to be in no matter what you do for a living. A lot of Entrepreneurs like me from time to time  face a unique set of challenges that triggers the depressed feelings,   That’s because for many entrepreneurs, their personal life  is reflected in their business life.

When you’re depressed, you’re not productive. When you’re not productive, your business suffers. When your business suffers, your depression deepens. And the cycle continues and can become contagious, impacting negatively on your work ethics as well as your team.

Entrepreneurs know that their business successes are personal successes — and their business challenges are personal challenges. The phrase “it’s not personal; it’s business” doesn’t apply to them. And so a personal struggle like depression leads to business challenges, including lost revenue and team conflicts.

So how can entrepreneurs  reach the light at the end of the depression tunnel and avoid toxic triggers?

1. Enjoy the Moment .

Depression often triggers when you compare your achievements with that of you peers, colleagues and sometimes when we’ll thought out plans take a different turn. It could also be as a result of your biological clock ticking at a rate that makes birthdays uninteresting as something to strive or look toward. instead of get worked up try to embrace the fullness of the  present moment.” focus on the joys of the moment

Having a vision and being future-oriented is necessary for entrepreneurship. But if that future gazing is fueling your depression by twisting your goals into a perception of lack, then perhaps it’s time to practice being in the present.

Try to understand at all times that the success of your  life and business is determined by your  ability to be fully present — to my family, my friends, my clients.”

2. Talk to Someone .

Part of what gives depression its power is the shame — and the need to conceal those feelings of fear and disappointment. Talking to someone who understand you or seeking therapy is always a good idea for someone suffering with depression.

Having an entrepreneurial support system isn’t a bad idea either. Mastermind groups can be a safe place to share business and personal struggles. The fellow entrepreneurs in a mastermind group may have a deep understanding of the issues you’re facing and can provide keen insights for solutions.

3. Acknowledge your Progress

It’s natural for entrepreneurs to chase the horizon. But when you’re in a depressed state, the horizon seems further and further away.

In depression, you tend to focus on everything you haven’t achieved and focus solemnly on where you think you should be.

Instead, practice the act of looking back, acknowledging and celebrating what you have accomplished. Observe and appreciate every step, big or small, that you’ve taken traveling on the path toward your vision.

With this practice, you’ll see that you’re closer to your goals than your depression wants you to believe. Closing the gap will give you positive, motivating fuel to take more action.

4. Go on an information fast.

If you have ever been bombarded with Facebook posts about one person’s success, followed by another and another, then you might understand that sometimes those “uplifting” and “motivating” posts can have the opposite effect, especially for someone with depression.

Sure, those posts and articles can help individuals see what’s possible and provide motivation for stepping up their game. On the other hand, if you’re suffering from depression, those posts could trap you in a detrimental comparison mindset. You might think, “Look, there’s another person who’s killing it and I’m still stuck.They must be special. I must be broken.”

Sometimes the best thing to do is to remove yourself from such triggers. Unplug from Facebook. Don’t read those posts. Perhaps, you need to turn away from consuming information so that you can have the space for producing.

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