BOOK OR CROOK- Becoming an Author

authorA book might be a set of sheets of paper, parchment, or similar materials that are fastened together to hinge at one side but is an embodiment of emotions, experience and expertise crafted into a sheet for the purpose of education, enlightenment and entertainment.

yes books entertain and could give a lasting feel that a 90 minutes movie experience can not feed or satisfy the mind with.Oftentimes when we are conditioned to read books it sometimes appears as a punitive action from instructors in school or from parents and guardians but the reverse is the case.  Book reading stretches the capacity of the mind to hold and process information,it is a mental exercise to flex the muscle of your cognitive abilities and brain cell so as to get them functioning in full capacity.

The argument that if you want to hide anything from a black man you have to script it and keep it in a book, whiles that holds true in some quarters i beg to differ because  the statement is racially bias due to the fact that ignorance cuts across boarders, moreso not every book is structured to withhold or give information solely to the black man except when its content is targeted at the black race. in fact it is ignorance the wheels on which entrepreneurship thrives that has transformed the fine art of book writing into a multibillion naira industry.An industry that has the capacity to transform a man from the corridors of insignificance to the fore front of influence and affluence.

Books of “How to” seems to become diagnostic tools and dominates the frontiers of the  industry educating and enlightening prospects. the truth remains that everyone has the capacity to become an author of a book to entertain, educate and enlighten targeted audience but deliberate efforts and a conscious decision to script your thoughts on paper is  the basic requirement.

Books written immortalises the author amidst several other benefits from sales and royalty and one structured thought,idea,story or information can travel across borders making it a huge return on investment in foreign exchange.

paul-u-500x380Come 29th april 2017, in Port harcourt, i and other fine collection of prospective authors will seat at the feet of Paul Uduk,one of Nigeria’s most sought-after educators, consultants, and thought leaders in achieving service excellence and enduring service cultures.

Author of six books, including Bridges to the Customer’s Heart, dubbed The Customer Service Bible”, Paul who is passionate about changing Nigeria’s service delivery landscape and considers as his life’s mission the enthronement of Quality Every Day (QED) mentality in every public and private sector organization in the country.

Powerful insights from working with clients all over Nigeria in every major industry for over twenty five years.
Inspiration to leaders, managers and service providers in his thought provoking books, articles, speeches and workshops.

his  Book Writing Clinic will take place in Port Harcourt on the 29th April and in the near future and it’s strictly on registration so you can learn how to start Building Your Expert Empire.

Three powerful reasons why you should attend Port Harcourt BWC:

1.     Master the art of book writing in a few simple steps and move from a local to a global player.

2.     Change your footprints: move from an author to a thought leader operating in 7 dimensions.

3.     Gain access to the most innovative emerging business ideas, tools, technologies and multipliers.

There is 100% money back guarantee. You regret attending, ask for immediate refund.
to  attend text your name and email to 08033604168 for more info



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