vThe colour “RED” is very emotional and yeah, its the colour of Love. guess what, we are in the season again. that season where every boutique showcases their stocks of red. however there are quite a number of other profitable ventures for this season

What is the best business to start this valentine period? What are the fastest selling products to sell on Valentine’s Day? Well, I advice you read on to find out.

February 14th is a day set aside to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day in most parts of the world. It is a day set aside to propagate love to one another. Now in utmost sincerity, I don’t believe in the “St. Valentine’s” philosophy; nor do I pay any special attention to “Lover’s day.

 But over the years it has become a big money making opportunity, I am an entrepreneur for crying out loud and my primary duty is to solve the problems or fill the needs of others. So therefore, I apply every ethical and legal means within my capacity to make sure I  try to take advantage of the season. yes you can profit off these lovers, love seekers and observers of St Valentine’s Day. Do you share my point of view? Are you profit oriented? Then this article is for you.

Now from personal perspective, I have noted that the Valentine’s Day frenzy usually begins from the first day of February, climaxes on the 14th of February and gradually wears off till the 20th of February.

If you don’t make money within these three weeks, you have missed out on the trend and will have to wait till the next year. This is the sole reason why critical planning and preparation is very important. So without wasting your time, below are the top12 best ideas you can sell on Valentine’s Day and make money.

valsome of the business ideas for valentine include

  • Organize entertainment shows for lovers to laugh out loud
  • Organize specialized parties for either students, singles, married couples, etc teaching them relationship tips ,tricks and treat them  to a nice barbeque night out.
  • Organize special tour packages for couples to sneak out of their regimented life
  • Partner with a designer and make customized portraits for people
  • Organize competitions for lovers or couples
  • Set up a temporary lounge or special garden for lovers
  • sell undergarment or lingerie , well packaged
  • get artist to design beautiful valentine card
  • sell sex toys to married couples: act like you didn’t see this one and keep on reading
  • Branded souvenir, Tshirts,mugs etc
  • cake; well crafted cake design for lovers is a must this season

what ever your take is , don’t get moody, fell hurt  when this season comes and goes, there is yet another opportunity ahead. go out there and keep your dreams and passion alive.

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