19-barack-obama-tan-suit-w710-h473By now you must have heard, watched or witness the exit of the most loved  black president, first black president of the united state and youngest ex-president from the oval office, one of the things i began to consider was alternative source of income  he would enjoy or take advantage of in the weeks to come.

yes, i think about money all the time.

Today we consider the potential Money Making Machines(MMM) of the erstwhile president especially now that he has left the most exalted office of the united states. Hmmm yes! that’s what i meant by MMM. if you have something else in mind, that serves you right.


First of all as its the law in the United state all ex-presidents get pensions, to the tune of $205,700 annually, and the amount increases regularly to keep up with inflation. Obama, along with ex-presidents Carter, both Bushes, and Clinton, will also receive federal money to cover expenses such as office space and staff. In 2015, for example, George W. Bush was allocated $1.1 million, while Jimmy Carter received a total of $430,000—the highest and lowest amounts, respectively, of all the living ex-presidents.

Book Deal

second money making machine for Obama is his book deals. In his final press conference as president, Obama revealed one plan for 2017: “I want to do some writing,” he said.

If that writing entails work on a memoir, President Obama will make a bundle. According to publishers and literary agents consulted by the New York Times, a book contract would be worth somewhere between $12 and $30 million for Obama. (A Michele Obama memoir could be worth $10 to $15 million, meanwhile.)

That’s only the original contract, mind you. If the book sells well like Obama’s previous two have, he could earn millions more in royalties for years to come. In 2009 alone, Obama reported $5.1 million in income just from the sales of his two books, The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father. Obama is still receiving royalties from his books, though the amounts have decreased over time—just $56,000 during the 2015 tax year.

Speaking Engagements

the thirds money making machine of President Obama will be packaging and presenting great speeches and he’ll be in high demand as a guest speaker. It’s hard to nail down how much he’ll earn via paid speeches, however, for a variety of reasons.

information has it that Bill and Hillary Clinton have reportedly been paid $200,000 and up per speech over the years, with Bill receiving over $500,000 for some guest-speaker engagements. CNN estimated that the Clintons earned over $153 million in speech fees from 2001 through 2015, including talks at business forums in China and corporate events hosted by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Swedish telecom giant Ericsson. President Obama is likely to toll that line

Back to school

the fourth consideration as alternative money making machine for Obama is going back to school as a professor, prior to becoming president he was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004, speculations have it that he might be tempted to teach at Columbia (where he was an undergrad) or Harvard (where he went to law school and became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review).

Does Obama actually want to be a professor? “I love teaching. I miss the classroom and engaging with students,” he said in a 2014 interview.

As a professor he will be entitled to basically what the average Harvard professor earns around $200,000 a year. or more because of the influence that exudes from his personality

NBA Team Owner

Barack Obama’s passion for sports is outstanding—basketball in particular. He’s undoubtedly the best basketball-playing president ever. He is a huge Chicago Bulls fan, so i’m  guessing he might want to buy a franchise or invest in the chicago Bulls.

 it’s impossible  estimate how much money he will rake in from sport because most pro team owners are filthy rich business giants who get into sports mostly for fun, not to amass more wealth. Teams don’t always make money either.Who knows if Obama will ever own part of a pro sports franchise, let alone what his ownership stake would be, plus how much the owners paid and how much it will be worth if and when they sell it. We’d need to pinpoint all of these variables to estimate how much he could earn as an NBA team owner.


people still make money from non profit .Over the years, Obama has consistently said that down the road he would somehow return to his roots as a community activist—more specifically, by helping children and providing opportunities to young people. “You know, in a post-presidency, the thing that I think I would enjoy most is spending time working with kids,” Obama said on “The View” in 2012. “The idea of being able to go around in various cities and helping to create mentorships, and apprenticeships, giving young people the sense of possibility and opportunity, and using whatever spotlight I can shine to show how much incredible talent there is out there.”

Obama has pledged to remain active after his presidency with My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, a nonprofit focused on helping young men of color reach their potential. He’ll obviously be involved with his own nonprofit Obama Foundation, which is developing the Obama Presidential Center and community programs in the South Side of Chicago.

Obama will probably earn little to nothing with his nonprofit efforts. But making money is hardly the point. Besides, if Obama figures out how to pull in a few million regularly giving speeches or writing books, it’ll be easy for him to pursue other passions without worrying about money.

we love this great gift to our world and we are watching to see more impact from the Obama’s as days run into weeks,months and years

2 Replies to “MMM for OBAMA”

  1. MMM for Obama is enlightening. I wonder what MMM can be explored for the most of us… presidents, ministers, governors and the ordinary civilians without wrecking our economy.

    Nice write up. I enjoyed the read.

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