opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

oprtnty A thousand lies, is easily believed as the truth especially when it is used as a story all the time. Oftentimes we are made to believe that there is so much that we can do, yet with little resources to do them. so therefore, we simply concentrate our energies to do only things with greater value and ignore other things that probably might give us fulfillment.

By now, you should know that it’s not true that opportunity comes but once, in case you don’t know, do realize that opportunity only visit folks with capacity, so if you want opportunity, increase your capacity and you will find opportunity knocking at your door every day. The world is looking for solution and only a man that has the capacity to provide solution or create value seems to get the world’s attention. And most importantly, it is imperative that you recognize your opportunity when it comes knocking on your door because if you don’t, someone else might.

My take on you been able to take advantage of opportunities is that you leverage on other people’s skilled competences, knowledge and technical capacities to still get things done,because in the pathway to success, you can never make it on your own, you need the help, knowledge and skill of others. for example, as an entrepreneur who deals on importation of electrical wares, it would be half truth if you simply believe that because you have to be focused, that you should take your eyes off supply of furniture’s and fittings. When you come in contact with opportunities to supply furniture’s and fitting, try to remember that there is a brother in church, a family friend or colleague who supplies furnitures and fittings and really needs the opportunity, share the opportunity with him, Take advantage and give them a chance to grow. It is heartbreaking to see folks who wants to do everything, make and keep all the for themselves.

A great man in the city of Uyo once opened my eyes to a new realm of understanding on how to manage myself and my staff in order to achieve more and take advantage of opportunities, he said to me, if you work 10 hours per day in the office, the moment you employ someone to work with you, you multiply your ability to work with time, it therefore means that you now have 20 hours to work within a day, and if you continue with this progressive module you discover that as an entrepreneur you have access to more productive time in a day and you can work 50 hours a day by adequately engaging the human resource that God has blessed you with. However, It is rather unfortunate that, some entrepreneurs due to the chronic phobia for running expenses and salary, would prefer to do their jobs by themselves,and fail to delegate or take advantage of other people’s skill and energy under the disguise that no one can do it the way you can, and before they know it, the sunsets on them, thereby causing them to lose significant profit in the long run, this  tendencies affect the  pace at which we grow, attain, take advantage of opportunities and explore other options to additional income and cash inflow.

Secondly, as strategy for taking advantage of opportunities, personally I prefer to sublet for a commission, a job that would sweep me off focus or concentration. I will rather stay on my million dollar idea and share a thousand dollar idea or opportunity with a friend or colleagues whose strength in business is in that area of my discovered opportunity, for instance, assuming I do interior and exterior decoration for a living, and because of greed or lack of understanding, i decide that for a particular major event, I was going to do decorations and because the client is willing to work with me, I tell him that I can handle the catering, printing and sounds for the event, and fortunately because of the convenience that my offer provides for the client, he agrees , but when it comes to implementation of the job, it’s a lot wiser not to get into the kitchen when my strength is in decoration, you know why because my effectiveness in the kitchen, providing sound and music will be flawed if I am doing everything by myself.

In summary, it’s good to get a job, better to achieve results and best to smile to the bank without a dent on your relationships with current or prospective clients.

In our world today the reason why, it’s often said that your network determines your net worth is simply because people spend money via the channels of the family and friends, especially in their area of skilled competence. So   if you were like me in the illustrated story above, you will live long to enjoy success when you sublet some opportunities and take advantage of the skilled competences of family and friends in exchange for a commission rather than run through the street and cities of Nigeria trying to meet a clients need that will cause you to lose your peace of mind if you don’t deliver on time.


It will be my pleasure to know that this little piece of an article helped you to take the right decisions in your strides towards significance. If it did, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.





  1. Nice article, my mentor said opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. Just know where you’re going and be ready to catch one.

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