hopeit’s 72 hours to meetup my financial obligations to my landlord, am sure you know what i mean, then my phone rang and it was a call from the village about the demise of a loved one,as i tried to scream or maybe share a tear, there was a knock on the door, the guy who gave me a loan 3 months back to was knocking. Hmmmmmm… what do i do? who do i call, where do i go, mixed emotions flooding the desktop of my heart and my heart seems too weak to attend to the currents. sunday motivation from church sneaked out of your heart and information stored and digested from great motivational speakers and self help books have all vanished from your conscious and subconscious mind.
As i began to plead with the guy at the door for one more week and he grudgingly agreed , i picked up my bag and head straight to the office only to run into an accident scene that just occurred an hour before my departure from the house. a vehicle who apparently had a failed break, crashed into a shop and killed the sales person and the customer. a number of people ran to the scene and lamented of the demise of the young charming and promising sales girl who was just trying to help herself to be self reliant and save up for her education and the customer who had packed a beautiful ford edge vehicle close to the sidewalks to come shop for some groceries for his Nursing wife who had just put to birth. what a tragedy.
Just then i realise how blessed i was because if the truth be told, challenges, difficulties and struggles to pay bills are the sole prerogative of the living. dead men don’t rent houses, drive cars, pay tuition or even make bad business decisions.

so therefore my friends i want to encourage you to keep HOPE ALIVE believing and trusting that the pain that will feel as result of not been able to meetup with our targets and obligation is only temporary. i am encouraged today and Hopeful that my better days are here and that very soon all my bills will be taking care of as long as you can still sniff in some air through that nostrils of yours. i am hopeful that siomeday the stories of my agony and hustle will become an epistle for encouraging the younger folks beneath me, that i went through hell and survived.

I am hopeful that someday, i will look back to this day and smile over the memories of  what used to cause me sleepless nights, feelings of hurt  and  make me soak my pillows with tears.

Guess what, hope  is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. it is hope that makes a business man wake up in the morning and positions himself consistently in his place of primary assignment seeking patronage. it is hope that makes a woman carry are wares of consumables on her head and hawk from street to street hoping for patronage and believing that a turn over of her sales will lead to putting food on the table and pay tuition for her kids. it is hope that makes a man who seemingly loss everything in a particular venture pick himself up and still head in the same direction of his immediate financial loss. it is hope that cause a fisher man who had toiled all night and caught nothing to pick up courage and go back to the stream or river hoping to get a catch the next day. it is hope that cause a woman to seek assisted help to get pregnant after series of miscarriage and still birth.

my friends, if you don’t keep more money in the bank to day or don’t even have any money at all, please do not give up. keep hope alive. Be hopeful that the sunset of today will lead to sunrise in the morning. DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF, because GOD HAS NOT GIVEN UP ON YOUhope1

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