Top 5 Online Businesses for Nigerians to consider for 2017

As we all know, the Internet is the new marketplace for  transactions both on the local and global scene. Every business owner or entrepreneurs with the intention to thrive MUST have an online presence.
 Apart from the fact that the internet serves as the best platform to share useful ideas with different individuals across the world, its a real time Money making machine, did i just say “MMM”.  maybe but with a different meaning, whereas alot of  people will continue to be apprehensive and scared of investing or thrusting thier hard earned money on  internet platforms,the reality  on ground cannot be denied,the simple fact that there’s a fake product or service,is clear indication of an authentic product or service somewhere.
In 2017, mark my words, dependence on the Internet in Nigeria will go up and many small scale business will embrace its features for increased market share.
Over the years the  internet has been able to help people make money online working from their various homes and earn passive income and  2017 will not be any different. Today,there are series of online businesses today but I’ll list only 5 that will make your 2017 a great year for you
bitcoinThere well over 30 cryptocurrencies in the world Bitcoin been the the widely accepted for exchange. As of today.Bitcoin business is not new but I must say that most Nigerians will still benefit from the immense opportunities this year. Bitcoin is a stress free business which does not involve any physical transactions between two parties. It only involves mining, buying and selling of coins which can be done anywhere. The value of this coin increases and I have come across people who are doing well in this cryptocurrency business and have been able to cope with the present situation of the country by investing in it. apart from Bitcoin find below the current world ranking of the top cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin topping the chart at  $13,330,738,232 market capitalisation as of today, Ethereum $860,243,097, Ripple $248,541,047 and litecoin $193,921,220 , investment in any of this currencies will yield guaranteed returns for you this year, but you must adequately guided to ensure that you don’t fall victim to schemes that are structured to rip you off. feel free to ask me relevant questions and  enjoy free consultation.


The consumer  market  in Nigeria is very large and  we are still largely a consumer based economy.importation of consumer goods will always thrive. Most people in 2017 no longer indulge in offline importation of goods and services because they now do it online with ease and lots of profits. This business is awesome as you can make up to N300,000 in a week if you follow the right procedure and most Nigerians have grabbed this opportunity in order  to be able to cope with the present situation of the country. importation from China, and other african countries is pretty rewarding.


This is another big thing that will rock 2017, Most people now sell their skills to prospective clients for money. These skills could be : writing skills, graphics design skills, web development skills, proofreading etc. These platforms will really help Nigerians this year most especially the youths make a living from selling their skills online such as blogging, developing website and managing soft communication platforms or handling corporate communications portals. Most people earn up to $15 – $30 in a hour just for doing what they love doing. And this will be a game changer  for nigerians who are currently unemployed in  Nigeria.


you can invest your energies in promoting local businesses by creating a convenient sales opportunity for their products on the internet. Most shopping mall  now offer convenient sales service like home delivery service. you can start a consulting business by helping businesses without online presence and help them setup  their sales portal on the internet. i see no reason why  you should remain unemployed
social-media-marketing-vibewebsolutionsFinally if you are a lover of motion pictures or have great proclivity for production of motion pictures such as short movie skits like comedy and romance,you can become a millionaire by providing entertaining and educating contents for online followers. there are several companies and enterprises who are thriving on advert placement from corporate organisation on their youtube channel.
my friends do your best to keep moving forward, don’t give excuse  for not making progress this year. there’s always something you can do to make progress this year. Keep hope alive and don’t give up.  there are opportunities lurking around you, if only you will look around and engage your time well with a positive attitude. if you need help , counseling, consultation and business advisory service. feel free to keep in touch


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