A fish will always need water in fish-watergood times as well as in bad times, when its thirsty, hungry, need a bath, meet with a mate, procreate, raise babies  or engage in a pleasure ride by taking a spin across the stream, ocean or river, it will always depend on the available and most dominant resource in his environment.


A lot of multi-level marketing networks, social financial networks and get rich quick platforms have taken advantage of our quest, drive and appetite to meet our physiological needs by selling us a lie about financial freedom. Selling schemes that seems easy but yet very ridiculous when you consider the grey areas of implementing their rules of engagement, whiles some go as far as taking advantage of the precious resources of vulnerable people in exchange for task that seems to make them imprisoned to a system that creates only a picture and perception of financial freedom others operate on the wheels of drop your money and after many days, weeks and months come back and pick up millions.

Testimonials from folks who jump in the race and are currently basking in the joy, excitement and euphoria of stipends derived by getting on board is also a strategy used to create more addicts to a system where their gaze is on a particular sum of cash at specific levels that is believed to make them financially free, a perceived state where we can say you have made money enough to pay your endless bills, get all you can and sit on the can. The addictive model used to indoctrinates new participants seems to  condition our creative and productive ability in exchange for hunting  after people to join our networks

Even though a vast majority will rather participate because of family and friends who are doing the purported business as well as prospects who are looking for a quick fix, easy money or an exit from poverty, you must understand that plugging into any of this scheme really doesn’t birth financial freedom. Five years down the line the successful network marketer is broke and still in need for money

You make money and spend money and this circle continues endlessly. Even the billionaires that you know aren’t free from their hustle to stay rich wealthy and wield the necessary influence to keep them always on top.

Whiles our state of inconsistent cash flow from paid employment drives our need for alternative source of income we must be careful when sipping the promises of schemes that promises financial freedom.

you would never come to a stage in life where you will be financially free and never need money  again rather your can attain a state of living in Abundance.

A state when you can  eat in fancy restaurants without calculating the bills, buy your dream cars, build your dream house or go for vacation to any destination of choice across the world, The truth still remains that getting to this stage is possible, achievable and very real. You can get to this stage where money works for you and you don’t work for money but I don’t want to agree to call this state a stage of financial freedom because you will always need finances even at this stage.

In line with my thoughts so far, there is no such thing as financial freedom. You will never come to a point in your life where you will never need money. From the cradle till the grave money, the desire for it will always be there.

My friends whiles  having money in abundance to spend without timely limits and the impediments of controlling expenditures you must understand that the state of achieving this fits doesn’t come easy and it’s not FREE . it takes conscious effort  and time to create and build value and get to the stage of abundance. Therefore if it does take strenuous efforts why believe the lie that it’s FREEDOM when you still have to make conscious effort to sustain your cash flow on that same level of abundance.

I hope I make sense to you

thinking of embarking on financial network with the sole purpose of having passive income and be able to meet up with designated financial responsibilities you must trade, engage and participate with your disposable income and try  to study the system and fix your gaze on the sustainable value proposition that the social financial network provides before you throw in your investment.

There’s no successful accident in life, therefore permit me to say that success cannot suddenly appear accidentally without a conscious effort.

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