DWC1In life, you can get income from only two sources:

1. your work (in a job or business)
2. your investments
Most people start at No. 1 and work their way to No. 2. That’s what most of us do with the most important resource on earth “our time”

for a while now. I’ve been Getting rid of debts,trying to be frugal, and saving in a recession. I do all these as a strategy to move to No. 2, where money works for me. whether you articulate it as such or not. that’s where you are too,
But do realize that Only at No. 2 do you obtain the freedom to pursue your dreams to the real extent that you desire, a place where everything is in abundance
Make no mistake about it,money will never be enough because it wasn’t designed to be enough however it can stick in abundance with you.

Here’s a paradox, though: If investing is such an obvious thing, why are we still talking about it?

For some reason, many people still haven’t made peace with the notion that investing isn’t optional.

There was a time when someone asked me why I took so long to get started with investing. After all, I had a financial education, and I should certainly have known better. Being as good at rationalizing as the next guy, I weaseled my way out of the embarrassing question, but I spent a long time thinking about it — and I started asking others why they were not investing. The number one reason I heard came down to fear.

What I was afraid of, and what most people who aren’t investing are afraid of, is:

• Fear of failure (emotionally: I don’t want to look like an idiot)
• Fear of failure (rationally: I don’t want to lose money)
• Fear of getting taken advantage of (for a ride, or for a fool)
• Fear of being exposed as unintelligent when I don’t get it.

Example: A young friend (under 30, making “young money”) recently told me she was going to get an unexpected inheritance from a grandmother everyone took for someone who just got by. Her grandmother must have been a closet Get Rich Slowly reader, because she lived frugally and left an estate with way more zeroes than anybody expected. I asked my friend if she was going to invest. To my surprise, she wasn’t even considering investing it. Why not?
It turns out that she was afraid she’d lose it.

Fear was the barrier stopping her from reaping the benefit millions get every day. But should she be afraid?
Should You Be Afraid?

To answer the question, look at two things you do every day which carry the risk of loss or failure — working at a job and driving.

You can lose serious money at both, and yet you do them with hardly a thought to the risks.
So why is that the case? Knowledge.

You have learned how to drive and how to work. Driving is straightforward; work, less so. Apart from the technical skill, there are many subtle, yet important, skills like negotiating the ever-present office politics. Learning successful work skills takes a long time, and we all make mistakes along the way.

But none of us opt out of work because of the mishaps and mistakes, or because an acquaintance lost her job, or we read, witness and hear about people loosing their jobs

However, many don’t invest because of those very same reasons — we heard someone lost money somehow.the next thing you hear is a scream. Nigerians, SCAM

How do you overcome the fear of losing all your money?

Pick your investment
Stocks and real estate are not the only things to invest in, I have two in mind.

Ask me

Back to my message,

Your job has risks, and driving has risks. You reduce those risks by learning. If a particular stretch of roads is common with accidents and incidence of police harassment, you learn to watch your speed on that stretch and divert where necessary,

Likewise, you can reduce your investing risk significantly by understanding investing fundamentals.

It’s not like eating beans, but it’s not rocket science either.

If millions can do it, you can too.
The good thing about learning about investing is you can do it before you actually have dime one to invest.

The more you know, the more you’re aware of the obvious traps and pitfalls, and the less afraid you become. So, when the day comes when you actually do have money to invest, knowledge will have replaced fear … like it usually does in other things too.
Knowledge is power.

With the Internet, knowledge these days is freely available. Fear of the unknown is understandable, even rational. But maintaining fear through maintaining ignorance, that’s something different. That’s deliberate.
Knowledge is power, and not to use that power is to rob your future self for no reason, especially when you can get that knowledge for free.

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