download (12)The United Arab Emirate has a 2-Years work VISA programme. This programme allows interested foreigners to come to their country and work. After Two years this VISA is renewable for a further one year.

“Why should I even bother with traveling to Dubai?”

I’ll tell you why. It’s two reasons actually.

  • First off, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is astronomically high. and there’s no sign of it changing in the next 2years.
  • whether you are a graduate or not, you need work experience or work reference because we are living in a solution driven world
  • There are few jobs to go round and of the few you need to have what we today refer to as an “Oga at the Top” to get one.
  •  Dubai, there are virtually thousands of jobs available because of its position in the UAE and it been a free trade zone.

Now having said this, you’d be making a BIG mistake if you just rush off and start searching for that old (even new) newspaper where you saw an advert for getting a Dubai VISA. or using google to search

Here’s why.

Most of Those Adverts You See In Newspapers
Are A Thick Cobweb of Lies!

Many of them are written by “hustlers” and scammers who know that many people are interested in travelling.

So they all are advertising the DUBAI VISA programme to take people’s money…

And Run!

But let’s leave that aside for a moment.

Let’s assume they do know what they are doing and that they indeed can help you get the 2-Years DUBAI VISA.

The truth is getting the VISA is the easy part. When you get it,

  • How will you confirm is the Work Visa and not tourist Visa ?
  • How will you travel?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Where will you work?

Remember, having a VISA doesn’t not mean you have a job yet, let alone accommodation and never guarantee you will be admitted into that country.

The truth of the matter is… there are a lot of roadblocks only experienced travel consultants know about the Dubai work VISA situation

Many of these fake guys do not know it!

If you get entangled with them,

You Will Regret It!

I’m sure you have heard horror stories about how people travel abroad, especially to Arab countries and get stranded.

It happens to a lot to people who seek half-baked Dubai travel advice. For starters, many Arabs will NOT help you if you’re stranded. Heck, they’ll just have you deported and that’s if you’re even lucky. Most people end up in prison and forgotten.

I do not want this to be you that’s why i want you to do the following and assist youdownload (11)

  • come to our office in person, don’t make any payment to any account online
  • you will pick our consultation form for #5000 and ask everything you need to know , in additional to suggestions that will help you in your quest
  • we will provide job offer within 10 to 15 working days
  • you will sign an agreement as well as an acceptance letter of the job offer
  • we will make sure the company hiring you is providing accommodation at no additional cost
  • we we will take care of your flights and airport pickup arrangements

Distance is no barrier for  your quest if your serious, our office is at #27 NTA Road, Port harcourt. rivers state. Nigeria. add me on whatsapp for more info 234 803 360 4168 images (13)

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