download (10)The truths is when Opportunities comes to us , its suppose to lift us and bring us to a new realm of possibilities, Now, don’t misuse this opportunity. you must have heard about the immense opportunities for folks in the medical field overseas, especially in places like USA, Canada, Dubai etc. its not a joke its true, if you know any member of your family or friends whose a nurse, don’t let this opportunity pass them by because it could be a determinant factor for the value of their next pay check

Nurses in the USA enjoy a high degree of responsibility and are protected at work from mistreatment from co-workers, doctors, and patients. In short, they are given the respect they deserve. Further, they are given a fair caseload of patients and are paid a higher wage if they work extra hours. If this sounds like the type of nursing environment that suits you then America awaits.

Coincidentally, there’s a major nursing shortage in the United States. And hospitals across America are turning to alternative staffing methods to fill the void, which includes sourcing nursing talent from abroad.

We are therefore offering well-qualified Nigerian nurses a great opportunity to work for Passport USA at our clients’ healthcare facilities across the USA.

Better yet, you don’t have to come alone. We welcome nurses with spouses and children to join our program. We will help them join you in the USA as well..

Opportunity Overview

We are seeking nurses with at least five years of clinical nursing experience to join our team. You will be required to work at our client facilities for two years, Most often, nurses will work for one year at a location and complete their contract at a second hospital during the second year. Client facilities are locate din great American cities in Florida, Colorado, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts.

Nurses completing the two year program have many options:

  • Continue on with us for additional years
  • Return to Nigeria
  • Remain in the USA as citizen and either work directly for their assigned client facility
  • Remain in the USA and work for anyone or anywhere they choose.In the U.S., a nurse can earn a starting salary of up to $56,000 (11,135,600 Nigerian Naira at the current exchange rate) and work in a less stressful environment full of teamwork and respect among men and women.

    Nurses receive:

  • Competitive pay
  • Private health insurance at a very low cost (this insurance is the same plan the CEO of our company receives)
  • Dental, life, disability, and vision insurance options
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement savings program
  • Assistance with family visas if needed. for more info add me on whatsapp 234 803 360 4168
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