images (1)take minute a look at this picture again, it could be you and your beautiful family this summer holiday.

Summer vacation (also called summer holiday or summer break) is a school holiday in summer between school years and the longest break in the school year. Students and instructors are off school typically between 6 and 14 weeks, depending on the country.

August  is here again and the official start to summer is not far away. Do you have plans for this summer? Although for many, money is always the isue and it will never be enough, if the truth must be told or perhaps your too busy to take time off work. Do it for your health and longevity, there’s a lot of health benefit.

As a kid, we all took a three-month long vacation from school during the summer. Although the practice originally started because of families in agriculture – farmers’ children were given the break to help parents with crops during the major growing seasons – we continue today in most schools to let the kids out for summer to give them a much-needed break from the day-to-day grind of studying.

Of course, adults today do not get a three-month vacation along with the kids. Our work life typically provides us with two to three weeks off during the course of an entire year. Families often use one week of this to take off with their families to the coast, the mountains, or even schedule a “staycation” just to relax and (3)

however for Nigerian who love the adventure  across boarders, getting a visa and the hassle that comes with it have become quite an impediment for many. today i have structured six summer vacation destination without visa stress and challenge, although they are quite a number of places but i bet you would have fun here

  1. Maldives: An island-nation located in the Indian Ocean-Arabian sea region, Maldives requires an entry visa for Nigerians. English is commonly spoken in commerce and the country also has an abundance of clear, white beaches. Snorkeling, scuba diving are just some of the fun activities tourists can engage in on the gorgeous island.

  2. Zanzibar: The island of Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa. Zanzibar can be accessed either through a direct flight to its international airport or another fun alternative is to hop on a ferry headed there from Dar es Salam. A visa-on-arrival destination for Nigerians, the long row of hotels/resorts dotting the ocean front in Zanzibar make it great for long beach strolls. Snorkeling, scuba diving and good ol’ beach partying are some of the fun things you can get up to in the island nation. Its also an  English-speaking country with nice, tropical weather and an assortment of sea food.

  3. Ghana: Nigeria’s friendly neighbour is another great option for a quick getaway. With its rapidly exploding entertainment sector, you can be sure to expect some fun parties and shows. Not forgetting the mandatory shopping of fabrics. As a fellow member of ECOWAS, Ghana is visa-free to Nigerians.

  4. Gambia: In recent years, Gambia has witnessed an explosion in its tourism industry, with British citizens flocking the country. Although an English-speaking country, knowledge of French is widely spread. It is completely visa-free to Nigerians.

  5. Kenya: Are you a fan of the wild life? Then head on to Kenya for a fun safari trip. The East African country is visa on entry for Nigerians. Other fun activities include snorkeling, boat cruising and even sport fishing.

  6. Seychelles: Rounding up our list of exotic destinations is the beautiful island of Seychelles. Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is surrounded by other islands like Zanzibar,Madagascar and Mauritius. It is a visa-on-entry country for Nigerians. English and French are spoken in Seychelles and the ethnic diversity, comprising French, Chinese and Indiannationals, make for a generally interesting cuisine.

  7. if you need how to get there or advisory service, just talk to me now on whatsapp 2348033604168

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