images (2)Accounting software describes a type of application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payableaccounts receivablepayroll, and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system. It may be developed in-house by the organization using it, may be purchased from a third party, or may be a combination of a third-party application software package with local modifications.

Also an accounting software may be on-line based i.e. accessed anywhere at any time with any device which are internet enabled e.g. StraightBook, FreshBooks, Xero, QuickBooks Online, or may be desktop based like QuickBooks, Sage50, Tally etc. It varies greatly in its complexity and cost

If you are considering adopting a new accounting software and have heard about Sage Accounts but are not too sure of the benefits then here they are, 

Sage accounting packages are available as unique and distinct modules that can be easily bolted together – or even developed upon – to form bespoke accounts packages for your company.
This means that instead of buying an off-the-shelf accounts software with many features not relevant to your company (but that you are still paying for) you are able to buy just the modules that you need for a fraction of the cost! And when your company changes and grows other modules can be added for your changing needs.

Sage software such as Sage 50 Accounts are easy to learn and operate – saving time and costly accounting mistakes. Data is stored for fast retrieval so that normal accounting practices can be checked effortlessly as well as inventory checks and more.

The accounting software helps you to prepare invoices quickly and efficiently – customer spending patterns can be predicted as the software remembers the individual costs on customers latest invoices and customer labels can be printed based on the selected mailing-list specifications.

The software has the ability to go beyond basic accounting. All Sage software right through from the entry level to the larger packages allow companies to unify inter-departmental customer contact and processes and to effectively manage projects.


It’s like having an extra person on board keeping a close eye on projects costs and timings. Sage accounting software can raise the alarm when projects are coming close to over budget or time.
Project managers are warned accordingly about individual tasks in a project that may need looking at by tracking the budget and tie commitments.

As part of our business development training service we will be having a  practical training session on how to use, install and administer  SAGE Accounting software,honestly you and your friends dont want to miss this opportunity that will give you a competitive advantage in your job quest.

if you would like a personal information on this training here in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria, please forward a mail to newbreedschools@gmail.com and we will get back to you. from 8th June 2015 @NEWBREED EDUTAINMENT, NO 27 NTA Road, Port Harcourt, there will be a 36 hour Training session at our office at a very subsidize fee of N20,000

when you attend you also tend to get access to helpful information regarding Company registration and CAC related matters, Cash flow preparation for loan purposes,Recovery of excess bank Charges on loan/overdraft facilities, Tax management services (VAT, Withholding tax, Payee and etc), Credit policy strategy and collection management, Preparation of management report/account, Year end financial services audit, Financial investigation on fraud and irregularities,and  additional  Training opportunities on accounting software (Sage, Peachtree,  Quickbook and Tally).

if after this training you cannot make use of the above software. you are entitle to 100% Money back guarantee.


To register: call/Whatsapp 08033604168. or visit; No 27 NTA Road, Port Harcourt. River state ,Nigeria.

come with your laptop for installation of software and study materials

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