Are you an entrepreneur?

Everyone is different, but entrepreneurs also have many over-lapping qualities as well. Only certain characteristics could bring a person to make as crazy of a decision as to become an entrepreneur. Below are 10 symptoms that you have been infected with the entrepreneurial virus, or your in the process of been infected

10. Wishing

You always wish you had another source of income dedicated for your trips to anywhere in the world.and some times which the world at your beck and call.

9. Sanity

from time to time,You have momentary lapses. You feel discomfort when things are going wrong and you always know that there is a better way of doing things to put some sort of order to the way things should be.

8. Offices

You have an office every where you go and you are willing to work and make things happen from anywhere you are and with whatever you have. you use your laptop, phone, email, bedroom, mouth, network as a tool for solving people problem with the intentions of making money in the process.

7. Sleep

You get plenty of sleep between the hours of 12 AM and 3 AM. And sometime work in your sleep dreaming about the new ideas you think you should implement.

6. Restless

You just can’t imagine why things should be going wrong and cannot afford to waste time doing nothing. Staying idle makes you feel like you are attempting suicide

5. Ideas

You never run out of ideas about things. For you there are a 100 ways to fry your chicken, bake a cake or even sweep the floor.

4. Action

You always want to prove a point and express your self as an authority over something. Your adrenalin is always flowing and you are always optimistic that the whole world must buy your product even if they don’t need them

3. Questions

You’re so used to being bombarded with questions that you’ve seriously considered a “take-a-number” dispenser. Most entrepreneurs have priced out a “take-a-number” dispenser at some point in their journey

2. Patience

Patience is a commodity you can’t afford. It is hard to slow down that fast paced entrepreneurial spirit.you often ask yourself, “why wait till tomorrow if i can get it today.

1. Opposition

People think you’re crazy and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Opposition and obstacles motivate you.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, and people recognize that, but true entrepreneurs love what they do. Entrepreneurs, even the most successful, have had to overcome those moments where people didn’t believe they would succeed. It’s OK if people think you’re crazy, you didn’t get this far listening to what everyone else told you.

There you have the 10 signs that you might be an entrepreneur. If you exhibit any of these signs, the most important thing to remember is to not panic! Embrace this epiphany and seize the entrepreneur within you.


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